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I'm Jess. I'm a self taught artist from the U.S.A. and i've been drawing since i was a tiny lil' thing.

I've had a couple brain surgeries so my lines may be shaky and my writing full of typos but I hope you enjoy it anyway!

I appreciate every comment/fav/watch and try to answer all comments. I'm very shy at first to new notes but you can note me if ya want! I try to submit a lot but my meds tend to make me a but loopy. XP

Thank you for viewing my page!

Keep on keepin' on!


Commissions are not currently open but i hope to open them in the future!

Feel free to ask me anything about any of my original characters. I love talking about them. =D


=.= medicine... why you make me so sleepy?? Gotta write!! T_T
Late one evening Frisk and Sans sat out on the porch watching the snowfall. There were so many new monsters in town for the party that she had made a lot of new friends with the children. A few of them waved as they passed by.

Sans chuckled, "Watch out, kiddo. Pap will get jealous if you get to be cooler then him. Heh, which is impossible but still, he's sensitive, huh?"

She giggled and nodded. "Do you think he's having fun at Undyne's? I heard she was helping him cook for the party."

"Probably. Hell, with what you've been teaching him Undyne's probably the one getting the lessons!" He chuckled, "Hmm. Things are starting to 'heat up' over at Grillby's. He hasn't had this many customers in a while. Better 'light a fire' under his butt."

She giggled and looked around, "There's so many new faces, big brother, Are there really so many monsters?"

"Well, yeah! There's about as many of us as there are humans."

She thought for a moment, "Gaster said eventually the underground would get too crowded and people would die... Is that true?"

San's grin faded a bit. He looked at his feet and nodded. "Look, Frisk... I don't like Asgore's plan. I don't wanna hurt anyone. But..." he looked at her sadly, "Yeah, there's not enough space for us all. Eventually something's gotta give."

She clung to him, "But, If I can break the barrier then everything will be all right? We could convince King Asgore not to kill all the humans! Then everyone would be happy!"

'You have very little chance of that.' commented Gaster.

"Gee, Frisk.. You're always so quick to do the nice thing. Don't you realize you're in real danger if anyone finds out about you? Alphys... I trust her but I also know she can be intimidated into saying a lot of things." he sighed, "It's probably a matter of time before one of Undyne's visits turns out to be orders to bring you to Asgore."

'He's correct. It's almost certain.'

"But... Why does King Asgore want to kill all of u- of the humans?" she could hardly consider herself one anymore.

"Hmm. Well, it's because they killed his son and daughter." he hugged her tight as she gasped, "You're not the only human to have ever fallen... There have been eight counting you. Six of which... well that's another matter. The first one to ever fall, her name was Chara." he lead Frisk inside and they sat on the couch, "Chara and Prince Asriel, their son, got to be best friends. Asgore and the Queen adopted Chara and it was pretty cool. Everyone was happy! But..." he sighed, "Monsters get sick, but we don't die from it. Chara got sick, real sick... She died from it." he paused for a moment then, "She wanted to go back to the surface to see the golden flowers that grew at her village, she loved them. But because of the barrier there was no way to get her there."

"That's terrible!" cried Frisk, "What happened to them...? the rest of King Asgore's family?"

"I'm getting to that," replied Sans before continuing, "Once Chara was dead, Asriel was so sad that he had a moment of grief so intense that he absorbed Chara's soul. Noe, when a monster absorbs a human soul they can pass through the barrier and he did so. He took her to her village and laid her in a patch of golden flowers... But that was the second time the humans took something from us. They didn't ask, they didn't try to understand... They attacked Asriel and he once he made it back home he was so weakened he died. Asgore sees humans as evil and blames them for the loss of his kids. Well, he's not wrong."

"... But, Sans, that was one village..." Said Frisk, "Not all humans are bad. I don't remember any I've met but I know it in my heart they would accept monsters if we could only try to reason with them. And King Asgore!"

'Why are you so determined to believe in your own delusions?'

"Shut up!" shouted Frisk, then shook her head, "Not you, him!" she shook her head.

"He's still there?!"

"..." she nodded, "But.. Sans, don't worry. He's not doing anything bad. I don't know why he's here, "She tapped her skull, "But I'm not afraid of him anymore."

Sans growled but nodded, "If he does anything to you i'll rip open the void and kill him myself."

'Impossible, but commendable none the less.'

"It's okay, big brother, it's okay... But.. I think I should go talk to King Asgore..."

"You gotta be kidding me..."
<.< ... >.> ... Pssst... I think I have a writers block creeping up on me... OTL *tries to beat it up*

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